Clinton Fears

Clinton Fears Republicans Will Turn Back The Clock

Now that President Obama has given his final State of The Union for his last year as president the campaigning continues. Clinton of course like many other candidates are talking about the upcoming election on February ninth. She is concerned as are many other fellow Americans and politicians that Republicans will undo some of the accomplishments we as a nation over many years of hard work have overcome.

The harshness she spoke directly to Donald Trump’s statements of banning Muslims, denying the existence of climate change, and gun control. Trump's campaign is was started on the “Making America Great Again,” slogan. She states directing her statement to Trump “You can’t make America great again if you insult and demean the people of America.” She stated this to a crowd at her first day of campaigning in 2016 in a school cafeteria that was crowded with nearly 800 people. Clinton wanted it to be known to Americans what is at stake.

That the views and plans that Republican’s have for our country are going to take us back into dark times. And undo all the good policies and endeavours that the Democratic parties has achieved in the past eight years. If you pay attention to each party and their candidates the Democrats are letting the people know where they stand and what they hope to accomplish. The Republicans as a group are attacking not only the opposing side but themselves and candidates with similar views.

Clinton’s concerns are allocated around women’s rights, Planned Parenthood, foreign policy, the battle against ISIS and her thoughts as to why she would be the better candidate. Clinton has also made it clear she is not going to give Trump the satisfaction of retaliation and commenting on his demeaning remarks as she described her New Year’s Resolution.

Some people are stating as though the Republicans are just using fear as their tactic and that the other party is discussing the economy only. Either way as the date for voting comes closer and closer the battles are going to get worse between sides. She claims that Republicans have decided that the west is at war with Islam when in reality she views that “This should not be the west against Islam, it should be everyone who cares about children, their future, against these evildoers.”

Clinton has made it clear to people on what she plans to do which is continue the movement set in place by President Obama, whom she worked along side with. She wants to continues efforts to combat climate change, reduce gun violence through stricter policies, aide in substance abuse tackling, expand the healthcare reform that not everyone is crazy about, and more as she discussed in her speech. Claiming that if these are things important to you then come out and vote for them and for what is right. To be weary of what could potentially happen if you don’t vote and or are voting for the opposing party. She wants to ensure everyone to be apart of the solution.