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U.S Destroys ISIS Cash Houses

On Sunday January 10, 2016 a decision was made by the U.S. to strike down on ISIS. Using two bombs the U.S. attacked ISIS cash houses. It was believed that these cash houses held millions of dollars. For days drones and U.S. aircrafts were able to keep eye on the cash houses. The worry of when to strike was the issue here. The U.S. wanted to avoid and civilian casualties but said that they would be willing to risk fifty lives if necessary to destroy some of the Islamic State’s assets.

The two bombs that were used weighed two thousand pounds each. The release of the bombs happened at dawn in Mosul, Iraq. This city has a high volume of civilians and it was considered a very sensitive move on U.S.’s part. After the strike it was estimated that there were five to seven people that were killed by the bombs. A sad situation but with President Obama receiving so much backlash from a good majority of the people that he has been too lenient when it comes to ISIS. How the U.S. came to find the cash houses is a mystery but hopefully it will hinder the desires of the Islamic State at least for awhile. It is unfortunate that the amount of civilian casualties may possibly grow. As the U.S. finds more cash houses or oil trucks the decision has been made that they will destroy ISIS resources.

Hoping that by depleting them of resources it will put some sort of halt on their followers. Makes sense but now that bombs have dropped from our side in this war, how will ISIS retaliate? It’s hard to celebrate a victory when the unknown and what if’s are still out there. We know that they have weapons and are not afraid to use them so why not use weapons on them? Some people are fearful of an attack at home.

Will ISIS get revenge and send an attack on the U.S. hopefully we will deplete all of their resources before it get that far. Maybe they are too weak now that some of their money was destroyed. Only time will tell. It is hard to say whether this was a good or bad move but seems like U.S. has finally taken a stand. U.S. plans to take out more financial points for ISIS in the near future. It seems like a good idea except for the fact that civilian lives could potentially be at stake. Now that some of ISIS monetary status has been removed, recruits and the need for new recruits will go down on their list of priorities since they will not be able to afford it. Getting recruits involves providing them with shelter and food. The less money they have the less they will have to offers possible recruits. Seems like a good plan. Let’s hope it works.