Obamas Legacy

Obama Hopes to Leave Climate Deal as Legacy

With next year's elections already in the spotlight President Obama is in fear that the policies and efforts he has made thus far could potentially be torn down by the next president. With the climate deal settled Obama hopes it becomes his legacy as president as it will affect our children’s future. President Obama was able to get one hundred ninetysix countries leaders to agree on the Climate Deal. It seems as though the topic of climate change gets put on the backburner by politicians as they view there are more pressing matters at hand. Climate change seems to particularly the Republican party that the costs are too great and that any effects are too far off in the future. The Obama administration understands and cares about the future of the planet.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan

President Obama and his administration conducted a well thought out plan to improve the stance on climate change. The Clean Power Plan has achievable standards that are said to lower the carbon dioxide emission levels up to thirty two percent by the year 2030. That’s only a mere fifteen years away now. The signs are there. The average yearly temperatures have been at an all time high. Natural disasters have become more intense in the past few years. The more intense storms like Hurricane Sandy and the wildfires in the west of the U.S. are costing billions of dollars. It’s not just about the money climate change is costly it’s also the health issues. The plan states it could help prevent ninety thousand asthma attacks in children by 2030. This power plan can provide tens of thousands of new jobs and saving everyone on their power bills. This plan is spread out over a span of years. This is a problem that cannot be fixed over night it will take time. The Clean Power Plan allowed for existing industries to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. This plan was established in August of 2015.

Climate Deal as Obama’s Legacy

No other U.S. president has made such efforts in climate. President Obama was in negotiation for twos weeks joining one hundred twenty other countries urging to get on board with a Climate Deal. The two week negotiation was to decided to have almost every country in the world on board with lowering the Earth’s greenhouse gas pollution. President Obama knows this is a global issue and all the lives of the world are affected by continuing pollution. As a whole the world needs to start living on the greener side of living. Now that the Climate Deal is set in place each country involved has agreed to start changing their policies to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Now that President Obama’s deal is set it is up to the future leaders of America to see the plan through. Many candidates have already stated on how they would initiate a plan undo any regulations set by this climate deal. Hopefully that is not the case.