Trump and Sanders

Trump and Sanders Win New Hampshire

Most people know super rich presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, for his outrageous and incredibly outspoken comments; some have even gone so far as to call them “hate speech.” Despite the controversial, according to many, statements that Trump has made, however, he is still legitimately in the running for president, a fact that has many people terrified and others jumping for joy. Regardless of how one feels about Trump, though, it can’t be denied that he is making progress in his campaign, as demonstrated recently with his win, along with fellow candidate Bernie Sanders, of New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Primary, which was held on Tuesday, February 9, went in a direction that many weren’t predicting when Donald Trump landed a victory, alongside his Democratic counterpart and huge opposer Bernie Sanders. Both are outsiders to the state but still managed to take home wins in the primary, a fact that many owe to grass roots voters who are hoping to shake up those whom they deem in control of American politics by making unpredictable choices. The Trump win definitely came as a shock, however, since New Hampshire is usually a fairly liberal and tolerant state, so if shock was the voters’ aim, they have more than accomplished it by giving a victory to Trump.

Coming in in second place in the New Hampshire primaries was Ohio governor John Kasich, another surprising choice among the state’s voters. While Kasich is conservative, he is also very much out of line with the things Trump proposes and sports a much more populist rhetoric. And, while many in the state were not hoping for strong support for any Republican candidate, a lot are saying that, if push comes to shove, they’d rather have Kasich backing them than Trump.

How things are going to fare from here on out, however, is still very unclear, and many are urging others not to place too much stock on what happened in the New Hampshire primaries. One of the main reasons for this is that a lot of people do not think that Kasich, with his more liberal brand of Republicanism, stands much of a chance in more conservative states, not only when it comes to winning voters but also when it comes to raising money, which many argue is basically one and the same these days. There are questions and concerns about other candidates as well, including and especially Mark Rubio after he gave a poor showing at the recent debate and Jeb Bush, who hasn’t been faring well in general, despite his initial bright start.

Though both Sanders and Trump, unlike Bush, were originally looked at as candidates with no real chance, the fact that they have risen to victory in the state has led many to change their tune on these candidates, though others still urge that the recent results have more to do with bipartisan anger at politicians than they do with the candidates themselves. Regardless of one’s political leaning, however, one thing is for sure- 2016 is shaping up to be an intense and surprising election year.