Trump on Isis

Trump Blames Obama and Clinton for Creating Isis

Donald Trump the republican presidential candidate claims that President Obama and democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are to blame for ISIS. He states this repeatedly as the campaigning continues. Everyone knows Donald Trump is harsh and doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to stating his opinions. He goes very far to states that our own president is held responsible for creating ISIS and how conveniently his competitor Clinton.

Trump doesn’t express any evidence that actually shows that President Obama and Hillary Clinton are the creators of ISIS. Trump states “They have a bunch of dishonest people,” he continues “They have created ISIS. Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.” He explains that his predictions are right and his solutions would have eradicated the oil driven war by blowing up the oil assets.

He even repeats his theory of how Clinton and Obama created ISIS stating, “they’re the ones, we have this big ISIS problem they created with their bad policies and their bad thinking.”

Hillary Clinton reveals her New Year’s resolution at a rally in New Hampshire on January 4th, 2016 stating that she is going to ignore Donald Trump. Clinton has clearly had enough of the back and forth battle of he said she said between her and Trump the past few weeks. She claims that “I am going to let him live in his alternate reality and am not going to respond.” Which seems like a wise move on her part as he doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Trump and two of his other competitors have also said that Obama and Clinton are to blame for ISIS. Carly Fiorina and Rick Santorum are the competitors with the same idea that those two were to blame for ISIS.

Does Trump have a leg to stand on here. Many agree with his statements. Trump feels as if former president Bush would have stayed out of the Middle East in the first place we wouldn’t be in the situation that we are in now. His aggressiveness with Clinton has increased in the past few weeks. He isn’t going to make this an easy race for her as he is the front-runner as the Republican presidential candidate. He believes she should be in jail for her incompetencies that caused people lives and that her calling him a misogynist is inaccurate as he works with many powerful executive women.

This election year is going to get ugly and there is still so much time to go. What will Trump come up with next? And is Hillary really done responding to Trump? Chances are eventually she break her resolution. The race so far seems pretty clear it will be between Trump and Clinton. Who will voters decide wins this election? As it gets closer to November we will have a better idea of how this will end. Will we have our first woman president or will we have a strong willed Republican in charge of the oval office?